'Millionaire' retiree ends up losing $26,000

China Press reported that a 65-year-old woman was so gullible that she believed she had won RM16 million(S$6 million) out of the blue. She ended up losing RM70,000 to con artists.

The retiree from Kuala Lumpur received an e-mail last October stating that she had won RM16mil in a lucky draw held in conjunction with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

After submitting her personal details and a few thousand ringgit as "registration fee", she received an ATM card issued by "Africa United Bank" and she managed to withdraw RM150. She was then told to pay more money so that the "jackpot" could be released.

She borrowed money from relatives and loan sharks but finally realised she was cheated when she could not withdraw any money.