Minister slams banker for highlighting economic issues over Instagram


Without specifying anyone, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan (pic) says using photo sharing platform Instagram to discuss economic issues of great impact to Malaysia is "not wise".

"Use official platform. Don't trivialise the issues," tweeted the Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Minister on Monday.

"Respected bankers have great restraint in demeanour and conduct. They don't mix serious economic view postings in between posts of jogging and eat outs," said Rahman.

"If you want to show your concern, say it once and then hold your peace. People knows what you meant the first time. Don't jitter the market," he said.

"Be part of the solution, not the problem. Be tactful since your statement can impact and already challenging economy," he said.

Rahman also said that respected bankers are not "trigger happy".

"They are composed and calm. Unless of course they are part time politicians," he said.

However, an hour after his first tweet, Rahman said that a banker can express his views but should not go overboard.

"Overdoing it will lead to more problems which was why he complained in the first place," he said.

CIMB Group chairman Datuk Seri Nazir Razak, who is also the brother of the Prime Minister, regularly uses his Instagram account as an outlet for his thoughts on Malaysia and the economy.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Nazir said that Malaysia needed to address negative foreign media coverage of the country's financial situation.

He said that Malaysia had to change the current narrative with answers or legal suits, adding that issues raised coud not simply be ignored.

Nazir was commenting on a Bloomberg report on data from Moody's Corp that credit-default-swaps traders believed six developing nations, including Malaysia and South Africa, deserved to follow Brazil into "junk" status.


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