Missing MAS flight: Distressed families want clarification from airline

SEPANG - The families of passengers on board MH370 are saying that Malaysia Airlines is not clarifying the missing plane situation.

A family member of one of the Chinese nationals who was on board the flight said the airline still has not given any details to the family.

She refused to be identified and was obviously scared away by the flock of media people running after her.

The family members of Wong Sai Sang also said they had not gotten any details.

Former Pandamaran DAP assemblyman Ronnie Liu, who accompanied the family members, just said that they were asked to bring their passports and be at the KLIA by 6pm.

"The family members are upset because they are not given details and they are solely relying on the news on the Internet," he said.

Haja Putih Idris, 68, said her son-in-law Nor Fadzillah Mat Rahim, who was on the flight, has left behind three children.

"We received a call from the airline at 9am today and were told to come to the airport.

"My daughter and one more person from my family will be heading to the scene but as of now we are unsure of the status of the passengers or the flight,'' she said.

Student Kang Zi Xin, 24, was beside herself with worry after discovering her boyfriend had not arrived in Beijing in the morning yesterday as scheduled.

"This morning, my boyfriend's dad called me and asked why his son still hadn't arrived three hours after the plane was supposed to land," she told The Star.

Her Chinese boyfriend Yue Wen Chao, 25, had left Kuala Lumpur to attend a job interview in Beijing.

"I contacted MAS and found out about the news. I am so worried about him.

"He just graduated with his Masters from the UK, and came to visit me.

"He was supposed to stay here until his job interview. He had just gotten his visa re-issued to spend time with me," she said.

Meanwhile, Nur Nazira Rosli, 29, whose sister-in-law was in the missing flight with her mother and sister, still prayed and hoped that everything would be all right.

Nur Nazira, who rushed to KLIA from Ipoh with her brother Ahmad Nizam, 32, said her sister-in-law's family was supposed to be there for a week's holiday.

"We are worried but we still hope," she said, adding that she had waited 12 hours but there was still no news on her relatives.

How to reach Malaysia Airlines:

Beijing: 010-65052681

Shanghai: 021-23293999

Guangzhou: 020-83358868

Xiamen: 0592-2106088

Kunming: 0871-67085770

The public may contact +603 7884 1234. For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.