Missing MAS plane: Aircraft was inspected 10 days ago

BEIJING - The missing aircraft was inspected just 10 days ago, well ahead of its scheduled service, said Mr Ignatius Ong, the CEO of Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines.

"It is in top condition and has no history of malfunction," he said.

"We are hungry for more information as well. We are working closely with various authorities in the region," he added.

Ong, who represented MAS senior management, was at a packed press conference at 1.30am on Sunday at Citic Hotel Beijing Airport.

He was leading the "Go Team" deployed by Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur which arrived in Beijing to provide assistance to the families of affected passengers.

He said the team of 93 personnel, including caregivers and volunteers, touched down in Beijing at 10.45pm.

Ong said that the airlines' priority now is to support the families.

Ong added that the whereabouts of the aircraft have yet to be determined.

The reported oil leak in Vietnamese was also not confirmed to have any connection with MH370.

Sea search and rescue was still ongoing overnight while air search and rescue will resume when daylight breaks.