Missing MAS plane: Two imposters boarded plane using stolen passports

Residents look at ships anchored at a local naval base at Phu Quoc island, in the waters of southern Vietnam, where a Malaysian Airlines jet was presumed lost on March 8, 2014.

PETALING JAYA - An Italian man, whose name was listed as having boarded the MAS flight MH370 that was reported missing on Saturday, was not on board the plane.

According to reports, someone else had used the passport of Luigi Maraldi to board the plane. He is alive and well in Thailand on a holiday.

Italy's foreign ministry functionary, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Mr Maraldi had reported his passport stolen on Aug 1 last year.

According to Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, Mr Maraldi returned home after his passport was stolen and had a new one issued.

When officials heard of the missing plane, they went to his parents' home but they said their son was alive and well in Thailand, and had called to say he was fine.

London's Daily Mirror reported that a second passenger on the flight had also used a stolen passport.

Austrian authorities have confirmed that Christian Kozel "is safe and well".

Mr Kozel told Austrian newspaper De Standard that his passport was stolen when he visited Thailand two years ago.

It is still unclear as to who had travelled on MH370 under the two names.

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