Missing MH370: Bomoh may sue Jakim and Khairy

KUALA LUMPUR - Controversial bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin (pic) may file a defamation suit against Jakim Selangor and Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin for RM100 million (S$38.6 million) if they don't retract their statements against him.

"Rather than going to the public, Khairy should have come and discussed with me. I would have told him my side of the story and cleared my name again.

"I'm here to help the country not tarnish the country's reputation.

"I've been doing this for many years, how can they say whatever I do is 'haram' (illegal) and 'syirik', it's not right at all!" said Ibrahim who claimed that he has 50 years experience as a bomoh.

Ibrahim also said that because of Jakim, he is no longer able to go to the airport to continue his rituals.

"To find the plane, I need to do seven rituals but I've only done it twice. I was told that the authorities are there to capture me.

"Because of that, I've to go to other places outside of Kuala Lumpur," adding that he is doing it out of concern for those who are missing not for fame. Ibrahim maintains his belief that the passengers are still alive and are either in a supernatural world or have crash-landed in one of three islands.

However, he couldn't specify which three islands they were.

Ibrahim gained international coverage over his bizarre rituals at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) last week to help 'locate' the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

His rituals included the usage of coconuts, bamboo binoculars, a cane and a bubu (fish trap) as part of the 'equipment'.

During that week also, Ibrahim created another scene at KLIA after he and his assistants sat on a carpet in which he denied he was re-enacting a magic carpet scene.

"Yes, I saw the pictures and videos. I laughed at it. It's the people's right to do so and I'm glad that I'm making them happy," he said.