Missing MH370: 'Code tango' enforced from Day One

PETALING JAYA - Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has heightened security measures for its employees, from pilots to ground crew, since the MH370 went missing.

"Operations-wise, and from Day One of the incident, MAS has maintained the 'code tango' or anti-sabotage alert and everyone in the company has been placed on high alert.

"That means every aspect of security has been heightened and this has resulted in thorough checks of passengers and also crew.

"There is checking all the time but there is more scrutiny now and MAS is also looking at behavioural aspect of its crew too.

"MAS is also re-emphasising on 'peer' red alert, which means that if you see anyone behaving suspiciously, please inform the management," said a source.

"With 'code tango' enforced, only authorised persons can speak to the media, unauthorised persons are not allowed to the flight deck, and overall security is heightened. There is a long list of things enforced now.

"That has resulted in longer queues for crew and passengers but we have to look at every aspect of security," he said.

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