Missing MH370: Cops question MAS staff

Missing MH370: Cops question MAS staff

KUALA LUMPUR - Police have investigated Malaysia Airlines ground staff and other employees who had contact with MH370 before its fateful flight on March 8.


A source close to the investigation told the New Sunday Times that the employees checked included ground staff, ground support units, catering staff and even runway marshalls.

The checks, he said, formed part of the sweep by police on the investigation into the missing jet and the circumstances which could have led to its disappearance.

The checks were also done to establish whether any of the individuals had information or clues which could assist police investigations into the case.

"The checks were verified with their duty records and roles in servicing MH370 prior to its departure on March 8," said the source.

However, he noted that the checks yielded nothing suspicious from either the checklist or staff records.

He said all staff were required to adhere to a standard operating procedure set by the airline when carrying out their duties.

"This applied to everyone, including the cleaners, cargo conveyer helpers and anyone who comes into contact with a static plane while boarding."

However, when asked if the screening included criminal records and previous cases of breaches of discipline, the source declined to elaborate.


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