Missing MH370: Families put into words their anguish

BEIJING - On a message board at the Lido Hotel here, the next of kin of the Chinese passengers of MH370 put into words the pain that is wrenching their hearts.

"Brother and sister-in-law, come home soon, don't make mom cry anymore."

"I have not shed a tear for the past 10 years, but now I cry whenever I think of you."

These are some of the messages posted on the board which features the illustration of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft and the words "Pray for the safe return of MH370".

The family members and relatives have been waiting anxiously at the hotel for news of the aircraft since March 8.

The board, believed to have been set up recently, is filled with messages written in black marker pen.

Some family members expressed their earnest hope that their loved ones would return safely as soon as possible.

"Flowers, which signify the arrival of spring, have bloomed. Come home."

"Bring the kids home. We can't wait anymore."

These messages offer a glimpse into the sorrow and anxiety of family members who are still holding on to hope 15 days after the aircraft went missing.