Missing MH370: 'I believe my fiance is being held hostage'

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - The fiancee of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passenger Phil Wood is not ready to give up hope on finding him and the rest of the passengers and crew on board the missing plane alive.

CNN reported yesterday that 48-year-old Sarah Bajc believes he is still alive and being held hostage somewhere.

Bajc had said that her logic told her that there are hostages and it would serve no good for the captors to kill the passengers.

The hijackers would look callous and brutal, and they wouldn't have as much bargaining power, she added.

"I have to believe the hostages are valuable to them," she was quoted as saying.

Bajc believed that if there was a hijacking or any other emergency, Wood would have been one of the passengers who steadied the ship.

She said: "He's very level-headed.

"And I think he is the kind of person who would help to calm a really chaotic situation".

She and Wood were about to move from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur and were going to get married this year.

They met in 2011 at a bar in Beijing called Nashville. They soon moved in together, along with her teenage son.

Wood was one of three Americans on the plane, which went missing on March 8.

Bajc started a Facebook page and a Twitter account called "Finding Philip Wood" to gather and share information about the flight.