Missing MH370: 'It has been a week since I last saw my only son'

ALOR STAR - It has been a week since 75-year-old retired headmaster Ibrahim Abdul Razak sent his only son, Mohamad Sofuan Ibrahim to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Sofuan, 33, had boarded on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to report for duty at the Malaysia International Trade and Industry (Miti) office in Beijing, China.

However, the flight had never landed in Beijing Capital International Airport after it gone missing after departing from KLIA, leading to one of the biggest search and rescue mission in recent history involving more than a dozen of countries.

Despite combing thousands of kilometre squares in the South China Sea and Strait of Malacca for a week, there was still no sign of missing aircraft but the family members of the passengers and cabin crew are not giving up hope.

Ibrahim said his family still believe that Sofuan and those on board of the aircraft were still alive, although the pressure was mounting on them as the SAR mission had entered the seventh day today.

"It is killing me that it has been a week since the aircraft gone missing and we could not be with him at this very moment," he said when met at the family home in Tongkang Yard here today.

Ibrahim said the family had never stopped praying for the nightmare to end soon.

"My wife is suffering from hypertension since she heard the news and I am trying my best not to fall apart for her sake," he added.

Meanwhile, the family of another passenger, Chew Kar Mooi, 31, is pleading to the public to stop spreading rumours and false accusations which aggravated their emotional suffering.

Her mother, Tan Tuan Lay,53, stressed they had suffered enough for the past seven days and the unverified information concerning the fate of MH370 had put them under even more intense pressure.

"I do not understand how some irresponsible people could spread unverified rumours and cracking jokes while we are facing the most difficult time in our life?

"Please.. Please respect our feelings. I am worried enough thinking of the fate of my daughter and the others on board of the aircraft. Does she has anything to eat? Was she injured? I just want my daughter back safely," she said, choking back her tears, when contacted.

Meanwhile Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said all Kedahan are praying for the safety of MH370.

"I fully understand that there is no word that able to calm them in this difficult situation, but we hope they will remain calm as we pray for the best," Mukhriz said after taking part in a special mass prayer for MH370 at Masjid Zahir, organised by the state today.

Present were Kedah Mufti Datuk Syeikh Baderudin Ahmad, state executive councillors Datuk Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah and Datuk Mohd Rawi Abd Hamid.