Missing MH370: Motive of Iranian impostors under scrutiny

PETALING JAYA - A thorough background check should be conducted on the two Iranian passengers to find out their motive of flying Malaysia Airlines (MAS) when they could have taken other cheaper airlines.

"If they wanted to get the cheapest tickets, then they should have flown low-cost, why didn't they do that?" asked an aviation source.

The duo, who bought their airtickets in Phuket, used stolen passports to fly to Beijing with Frankfurt as their final destination.

"Has anyone wondered why they missed their first flight and then re-booked again to fly with MAS. Why MAS? Has anyone gone to check all that and their purpose of wanting to go to Frankfurt?

"Why did these people make so much effort to be onboard MH370 when they knew that security would be tight," he said.

The source said it was worth noting the effort put in by the two persons on board.

"They surely knew about the security measures, procedures and sophiscated technology used at all airports for them to take this flight.

"They must have planned their trip so well to avoid the multiple checks at different airports as in Beijing they would be in transit since MAS and China Southern are members of Oneworld," he said.

The impostors were identified by police as 29-year-old Delavar Syed Mohammad Reza and 19-year-old Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad.

Initial investigations showed that Pouria Nour, who had used the stolen passport of an Austrian, was planning to migrate to Germany.

Delavar was said to have used a stolen Italian passport to board MH370.

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