Missing MH370: Netizens abuzz over 'hijacking'

Missing MH370: Netizens abuzz over 'hijacking'

KUALA LUMPUR - "Hijacking" was the buzzword on social media yesterday after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak confirmed the missing airliner MH370 could have been deliberately flown off-course.


The word "hijacking" was making waves on social media after Najib said there was a deliberate act by someone who turned the missing jetliner towards the west.

Netizens worldwide had a field day coming up with entertaining speculation and conspiracy theories behind the mystery.

Even media mogul Rupert Murdoch shared his views on the social site.

Rupert Murdoch @rupertmurdoch "World seems transfixed by 777 disappearance. Maybe no crash but stolen, effectively hidden perhaps in Northern Pakistan, like bin Laden."

Patrick Trancu, who is a corporate communicator and crisis management expert from Italy, tweeted that the target of the "hijacking" was the plane itself.

Patrick Trancu @patricktrancu "Could #MH370 have landed all systems disabled and is now ready to take off for a terror attack? Would it be technically possible?"

Kim Ntongai @Ntongai_ "That #MH370 hijacking story needs a few questions. People don't hijack planes for fun. They have an agenda."

Patrick Trancu @patricktrancu @Ntongai_ "I fully agree and the agenda is not the passengers, it has to be the use of the plane."

Patrick Trancu @patricktrancu "You don't hijack a plane #MH370 crash it in the ocean and not claim responsibility. What is the #nextstepMH370?"

Ian @iamKohChang "In Con Air the bad guys take the transponder out of their plane and put it in another to throw off the Feds. Just saying #MH370."

(Rebecca) @yamimichi "If someone deliberately turned off communications and the plane strongly deviated from its intended course then yes #mh370 was #hijacked."

On Facebook, it was a more solemn tone with prayers and kind messages for the safety of the passengers and crew, and a dedicated community Facebook page for updates on MH370.

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