Missing MH370: Relatives in Beijing threatening hunger strike

CYBERJAYA - Chinese nationals who travelled from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur to get more information on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 are still hoping for the best while those in Beijing are threatening to go on a hunger strike if they do not receive a concrete answer on the fate of the passengers.

At least 20 Chinese nationals are believed to have checked into a hotel in Cyberjaya since March 11 under an arrangement by MAS.

Apart from attending daily briefings held behind closed doors, believed to be organised by embassy officials, the relatives have been mostly spending their time on their smartphones or electronic devices to read the latest news.

When approached yesterday, some of them refused to comment.

"We are sorry, but we are not in a position to reveal anything," a woman said.

Volunteers from the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, who have been frequently seen with the families, also declined to talk.

In Beijing, some family members have reportedly threatened to go on a hunger strike in a drastic step to draw attention to their plight.

A message calling relatives to join the strike was written on a white board at Lido Hotel, where daily briefings are held.

It read: "For the sake of our family members, let's go on a hunger strike! Give me back my loved ones! We need the truth! Participation is ­volun­tary!"

However, it is not immediately known if the relatives are making good on their threat, as some of them were seen having dinner at the hotel restaurant.

During the morning briefing, a representative said the family members wanted to go on a hunger strike because time was running out.

"Our patience has a limit. Malay­sians count (the time the aircraft has gone missing) in days, we count in seconds," she said.