Missing MH370: Relatives show little emotion over latest find

CYBERJAYA, Malaysia - When news broke that Australia has identified two objects possibly related to the missing MH370, the family members of the passengers staying in a hotel here were seen walking slowly in a group towards a function room to catch the announcement telecast.

But their expression and movements failed to show any signs of excitement or anxiety.

After almost two weeks of waiting for news of their relatives, the Chinese nationals here seemed to have been drained of all emotions.

Little could be read off their expressions these days, even with every new lead that arises in the search for the missing aircraft.

At the end of the telecast, which was aired at 12.30pm, the families returned to a restaurant in the same pace, where they had lunch and spoke softly to one another.

Some of the relatives of Chinese national passengers have been in Malaysia since March 11, under an arrangement by MAS to enable them to be closer to the source of information on the search and rescue mission.

On Wednesday, several Chinese nationals caused a ruckus at the KLIA Sama-Sama Hotel just before the start of the daily MH370 press briefing, painting a picture of exasperation among those who have been waiting for news of their missing loved ones.

The incident drew an increased media presence at a hotel in Cyberjaya, where relatives of the Chinese national passengers were staying.