Missing MH370: Search for debris in southern Indian Ocean hindered by limited visibility

PETALING JAYA - The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has encountered problems locating debris possibly related to missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 due to bad weather in the southern Indian Ocean.

Australian authorities revealed on Thursday that there was a possibility that debris spotted by satellite some 2,500km southwest of Perth may be related to the missing MH370.

At approximately 5.45pm, AMSA News twitter account posted an update stating that the Royal Australian Air Force P3 crew had been unable to locate the debris as clouds and rain had brought about limited visibility.

"RAAF P3 crew unable to locate debris. Cloud & rain limited visibility. Further aircraft to continue search for #MH370," AMSA tweeted.

Of the two objects located in the Indian Ocean, the larger measured 24m. The basic dimensions of a Boeing 777-200ER are as follows: A wing span of 60.9m, an overall length of 63.7m, a tail height of 18.5m and a fuselage with a 6.19m diametre.

MH370, missing for 13 days now, carried 239 passengers and crew.