Missing MH370: Six family members lose cool with media

Family members and relatives of the missing MH370 passengers react in frustration at members of the media at resort in Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CYBERJAYA, Malaysia - A minor drama erupted at the hotel when six family members of Chinese passengers on MH370 lost their cool on their way to lunch.

The six Chinese nationals who had arrived from Beijing yesterday morning began screaming at the media as they were escorted from their rooms at the Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa here to lunch.

An escort also screamed, "Excuse me, leave them alone! We have a pregnant lady here!", as some of them shielded their faces from cameras.

The entire episode lasted less than two minutes.

According to a Malaysia Airlines personnel member, who declined to be identified, the family members are from Beijing and were taken to the hotel to be briefed on the latest developments on the search for the missing aircraft.

The relatives have also declined to accept money from the airline.

The airline said it had offered "financial assistance" of 31,000 yuan (RM16,409) to the family of each missing traveller.

But a relative of one of the passengers from east China's Shandong province told AFP: "We're not really interested in the money. It's all about the people - the people on the plane. We just want them back," she said.

Ignatius Ong, leader of the Malaysia Airlines response team in China, confirmed that the offer had not been taken up.


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