Missing teen may have faked her own abduction

Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Abdul Samah Mat

KLANG - The 14-year-old girl who was originally believed to have been kidnapped may have staged her own abduction because she wanted to be free.

Nur Amirah Atirah Abdul Majid, from Bandar Sultan Suleiman in Port Klang was found with her 20-year-old boyfriend and a six-year-old girl in Banting at 10pm on Thursday.

Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Abdul Samah Mat said that the girl was found in a car in front of a petrol kiosk in Kanchong Darat and she admitted to having gone to see her boyfriend, whom she befriended about a week ago.

It is learned that Nur Amirah Atirah, who went missing on Sunday, admitted to the police that she had not been abducted, but that she had claimed to have been kidnapped by two men on her way home when she called her mother on Tuesday.

She claimed that she was brought to a warehouse in a white van.

It was reported earlier that the 34-year-old mother lodged a report at about 8.20pm on Monday, and police had set up a special team to investigate the case as a kidnapping following her call.

The mother said the girl had been missing since 2.30pm on Sunday. She left the house to meet her boyfriend and they were last seen at a restaurant in Port Klang at around 7pm on Sunday.

The police are expected to call a press conference later today on this case.