Monkey bites man's ear

An elderly man had part of his left ear bitten off by a monkey in Kampung Tandop Besar, Mukim Tekai Kanan, reported Sinar Harian.

Darus Endut, 75, discovered the monkey in his backyard on Friday.

"When I approached it, the monkey seemed very tame, but everything changed when my neighbour came and told me that one of his neighbours was also bitten by it and received treatment at hospital,'' said Darus.

"After that, the moneky bit my ear," said the man who lost part his ear after struggling for five minutes trying to escape.

He said he managed to escape after pulling the rope on the monkey's neck and with help from neighbours and his children.

"My son brought me to the Kuala Nerang hospital for treatment. I am told that the part bitten off cannot be restored, however, it will not affect my hearing," he said.

Darus also received six stitches on his hand.