More shoplots used as hostels in Malaysian town

Residents of Taman Aman Perdana in Meru, Klang are unhappy that more shoplots are being turned into hostels to house foreign workers.

They claim the situation is getting from bad to worse as two blocks of newly-completed shoplots have recently been converted into hostels too.

The residents said foreign workers were initially, occupying shoplots near the entrance to the housing estate but more are moving and staying at the newly-completed shoplots located at the edge of the residential area.

"I first saw one shoplot in the new area occupied by foreign workers and within days, two were being used for the purpose.

"This situation is not healthy and we are worried about their presence,'' said Aman Perdana Residents Association A. Maniam.

He said the foreign workers dumped their rubbish indiscriminately in the vicinity and this created a negative image for the neighbourhood.

If no action was taken, Maniam said their numbers would only multiply as more newly-completed shoplots would be taken over by foreigners.

He said it was unfair for residents in the neighbourhood to have to put up with such a situation.

"These foreigners are working in factories nearby but their employers should not take advantage of the proximity to convert shoplots into hostels,'' he said

"We are very disappointed the relevant authorities have not been able to resolve the issue.

"The lack of enforcement has allowed more employers to illegally convert these shoplots into hostels,'' he added.

StarMetro on June 4 had reported that the foreign workers were provided with sub-standard accommodation.

Except for several ground-floor shops housing businesses such as a mini market, restaurants, a launderette, car accessories and car workshops, most of the other units have been turned into hostel lodging for foreign workers.