Mother accused of running amok in Putrajaya absconds after giving birth

JOHOR BARU - Authorities are on the hunt for Muhdalena Ahmad, who has abandoned her newborn, to escape from police custody since being sentenced to a mental institution for running amok at the Prime Minister's Department two years ago.

It is learnt that she escaped from the Sultanah Aminah Hospital two days after giving birth to a baby boy.

Muhdalena, who was pregnant with her third child, was sent to the hospital on Sunday from Hospital Permai, where she has been seeking treatment for her mental condition since June 19 this year.

Sources said she left behind her newborn, who was being taken care of at another hospital block.

It is learnt that Muhdalena took the opportunity to escape from police personnel guarding her at around 8.50am yesterday by giving the excuse that she had to go to toilet.

During the incident, she was neither handcuffed nor accompanied by the personnel to the toilet.

Sources said she was last seen wearing a pink hospital garb and that the police had launched a manhunt to track her down at bus stops and taxi stands near the hospital.

Confirming the incident, Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Hasnan Hassan urged those with information on Muhdalena to immediately contact its hotline at 07-221 2999.

Muhdalena, along with the self-proclaimed "Imam Mahadi" Khalil Afendi, shocked the country when they ran amok while wielding samurai swords outside the Prime Minister's Department in Putrajaya on July 9, 2012.

Both were shot by the police. Khalil died at Putrajaya Hospital after succumbing to injuries.

Muhdalena, 30, was later accused of committing criminal intimidation by threatening to cause grievous hurt to a policeman, possession of a sword and two additional charges under the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act 1959.

The Putrajaya Sessions Court had ruled that Muhdalena suffered from psychotic depression, which rendered her unable to know that her actions were against the law.

It ordered for her to be kept in safe custody at the Hospital Permai here pending orders from the Ruler of the State.

Muhdalena has two other children aged three and four.

Although Muhdalena was not given a custodial sentence, the court still found that she had committed the four charges brought against her.