Mother takes husband's pension money and abandons 6 children

Six siblings in Penang were left in the lurch after their mother disappeared with their late father's pension money, reported Harian Metro.

To make matters worse, the mother, who abandoned her children aged between five and 22, has also remarried.

The burden to support the siblings is now on the shoulders of the oldest sister, Noor Hamizah Basir.

Noor Hamizah said she was disappointed that her mother remarried.

"I was upset when I found out that my father's pension money was used by mother to support her new husband who is unemployed.

"In fact, our house was almost auctioned and we have had our electricity cut as we were unable to make the payments," said Noor Hamizah, who is working in a factory nearby.

She said her salary of RM900 (S$350) is just enough to pay for the housing instalment, bills, daily needs as well as her siblings' school expenses.

Three of her siblings are studying at the National Youth Skills Institute while one is already working.

She said her relatives have tried to track down her mother but their attempts were futile as her mother had switched off her mobile phone.