Mum defends son in molest case against teacher

MALACCA - A housewife here said her son had to be admitted to hospital for emotional trauma after his teacher claimed that he had attempted to molest her when he had actually fainted and fell on her.

Mimi Mazura Dollah from Masjid Tanah said that on March 3, her 15-year-old son had gone to the teachers' room to talk with the teacher.

"He then felt giddy and fainted, falling on her. The teacher thought that he was trying to be funny and was attempting to molest her.

"My son had blacked out and it's puzzling that the teacher had accused him of trying to outrage her modesty.

"I was summoned to school and I saw my son crying and in fear. He said he was accused of molesting his teacher when he had actually fainted and fell on her.

"I pleaded with the teacher not to punish my son, but to no avail," she said yesterday.

Mimi Mazura said her son had to be sent to hospital after he suffered a second blackout that night when they were both talking about the incident.

She then rushed him to a hospital for checks.Doctors revealed that her son's blackouts were due to a mild brain injury sometime ago.

She added that her son is still receiving treatment at the hospital and doctors told her that they would provide a full medical report by Thursday.

She later lodged a complaint with the district education office and lodged a police report the day after the incident at the school.

"I want my son's name to be cleared from such an embarrassing allegation and will seek legal redress on the matter," she said.

State Higher Education, Science and Technology, Green Techology and Innovation exco Datuk Md Yunos Husin said he will ask the state Education Department to investigate the matter.