Mum in incest case keeps strong despite all the gossip

The 46-year-old being led away by police officers in Kajang.

KUALA LUMPUR - Despite the controversy, the woman whose husband was allegedly involved in an incestuous relationship with their daughter is operating her mixed rice stall in Cheras, reported Chinese dailies.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the 46-year-old woman was seen working as usual at her stall with an employee, although she knew there was much gossip swirling around her family.

When approached by a reporter, the woman asked not to be disturbed.

On Thursday, the woman told off a reporter who approached her for comments at her house in Kajang saying "no matter what you ask, I will not answer".

She, however, muttered "my heart is aching" as she entered the house.

Her customers had described her as "a very happy and cheerful woman".

"I was shocked to learn about the incident as I have known the family for a long time," a family friend said.

The Star had reported that the woman's 46-year-old husband had been having sex with their 21-year-old daughter for the past three years at their home in Kajang whenever his wife was not around.

Sources yesterday said the man, who was arrested on Nov 20, admitted to the police to having had sex with his daughter.

His remand is expected to expire early next week.

The daughter, who is a hairdresser, has not gone to work for the past two weeks.

It is learned that the daughter is currently staying with her aunt and uncle.

The uncle, who runs the hair salon where the daughter had been working since completing the SPM, suspected something amiss after seeing steamy SMS messages exchanged between them.

The daughter then confessed to having sex with her father since she was 18 and revealed that she was a willing partner.

Police have recorded statements from the mother, uncle and other family members in connection with the incest.