Mum of teen caught kissing in viral video pleads against harassment

MALAYSIA - A distraught mother whose daughter was caught necking with another teenager in a video clip that went viral over the Internet has pleaded that she not be harassed over the issue.

"People only know how to talk and accuse me of not knowing how to take care of my daughter. If something like this happens to them (the critics), maybe they will understand how we feel," said the 36-year-old mother, known only as Rohani.

The video, titled Kapel Paling Romantic 2013 (The Most Romantic Couple 2013), showed the 15-year-old Johor schoolgirl and her partner kissing and caressing each other at a park.

It was uploaded over Facebook and YouTube and drew 1,000 comments, with many viewers criticising the parents of the pair and others advising them to get married immediately.

Rohani said she was aware her daughter and the boy had been friends for some time, but she never expected they would "cross their limits" and, worse, that their amorous actions would be uploaded on the Net.

"This is the attitude of young people these days. They do things without thinking about the consequences and the parents end up living with the shame," said Rohani.