My accomplice was 'sent from god', says woman in samurai sword case

PUTRAJAYA - The woman who ran amok with a samurai-sword wielding man outside the Prime Minister's Department office, told the Sessions Court here that she believed her accomplice was the Imam Mahdi (messiah).

"I believe he (Khalil Afendi) had guidance from God and that I had to help him as he was God-sent," replied Muhdalena Ahmad, when DPP Kalmizah Salleh's questioned why she had followed Khalil to the PM's department.

Imam Mahdi is the prophesied Muslim leader who will come just before the end of the world.

Muhdalena admitted that she had brought along a sword, but claimed she did not know what Khalil intended to do.

"He said I must follow his instruction and that he would not hesitate to kill anyone who disobeyed him," she said.

When asked during cross-examination why she had shouted angrily at the policemen, Muhdalena said "I was angry at all of mankind, at all the evil they have done".

Muhdalena, dressed entirely in black, was seen sobbing into a handkerchief as she was asked to recall the incident where she and Khalil were shot by the policemen.

Admitting she had wielded a sword and entered a restricted area, Muhdalena maintained her actions were not illegal.

When asked by counsel M. Visvanathan why she felt her actions were not illegal, Muhdalena said she believed the world was ending and she needed to follow the Imam Mahdi's orders.

In a doctor's report tendered in court, Muhdalena had said Khalil was going to Putrajaya to preach (berkhutbah) and that anyone helping his jihad (holy way) could not be injured or killed.

Muhdalena finally took to the stand as a defence witness after Sessions Court judge Mohamed Kamil Nizam ruled on Jan11 that the prosecution had raised a prima facie case for the four charges against her.

Muhdalena, 30, is accused of committing criminal intimidation by threatening to cause grievous hurt to a policeman, possession of a sword and two additional charges under the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act 1959.

Muhdalena and Khalil shocked the country when they ran amok while wielding samurai swords outside the PM's Department on July 9, 2012.

Both were shot by the police and Khalil Afendi died at Putrajaya Hospital after succumbing to his injuries.

The trial continues Feb 24 and 25.