Najib candidly responds to Twitter jibe

PHOTO: Twitter

PETALING JAYA: A jibe at Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's waistline on Twitter led to an unexpected response from the Prime Minister himself.

Najib had posted a picture on Friday, depicting him speaking on the phone with the accompanying caption "chatting with Mohd Azrin, an officer from the Malaysian embassy in North Korea, who arrived safely this morning with eight others. Thank God, they are all safe and happy".

It was retweeted 1,381 times, with many saying they were glad that the nine Malaysians, who had been prevented from leaving North Korea, had returned home safely.

Except for Twitter user Shameer Shaari, who wrote "perot tu cover sikit (cover up that tummy a little)".

What happened next probably shocked Shameer himself as barely 20 minutes later, Najib replied to the tweet.

"Kurang masa nak buat workout (no time to work out)," he tweeted.

This response was even better received than the original, and has been retweeted 6,100 times and received 2,500 likes.

Najib's official Twitter account @NajibRazak has 3.4mil followers to date.