Najib invites Indian film star Rajinikanth to shoot 'Kabali' sequel in Malaysia

A cut-out of Tamil film star Rajinikanth in Kuala Lumpur in 2016.

CHENNAI - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has invited Tamil movie superstar Rajinikanth to Malaysia again - this time to shoot a sequel to the movie Kabali.

The Prime Minister, who met the actor at his home here Friday, said he was told that the script for Kabali 2 was being written.

"I asked Rajinikanth to shoot the movie in Malaysia. I said, after all Kabali turned out to be box-office hit. He is considering it," Najib told Malaysian journalists covering his visit to India.

Rajinikanth, 67, shot part of Kabali in Malaysia last year.

Najib met Rajinikanth's family and posed for a selfie with the movie star on his Twitter account moments later.

"I caught a 10-minute clip of the movie at Rajinikanth's home," he quipped.

Kabali is a gangster-drama revolving around a gang war between Kabaleeswaran, played by Rajinikanth and Tony Lee, portrayed by Winston Chao.