The naked truth is that 200 men fell victim to scam

Over 200 men in Malaysia have become victims of a syndicate who extorted them by threatening to upload chat videos of them taking off their clothes, reported Harian Metro.

The syndicate used attractive and sexy women to entice them via social websites. Some of the men would even willingly undress over Skype after getting acquainted with the women for less than 12 hours.

Since January, such cases had resulted in losses of more than RM100,000 (S$39,000).

Bukit Aman Cyber Crimes and Multimedia division investigator Asst Supt Mohd Syafiq Jinuin Abdullah said the men paid up to avoid having their nude videos distributed online.

He said it was also possible that more men could have fallen victim to the scam but were embarrassed to come forward.

"Compared to African syndicates that promise their victims wealth and marriage, this "love extortion" works faster and easier," said ASP Mohd Syafiq.

"A victim can be easily duped in less than a week, some in less than 12 hours."

Based on police investigation, ASP Mohd Syafiq said the syndicate used women from the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia to lure the men.

It is believed that the syndicate is based in the Philippines after 58 of its members were arrested by the country's authorities on May 1.

Such scams have severely affected the men drastically worldwide. One 17-year-old boy in Scotland resorted to suicide last July after falling victim.