Netizens critical of 'slap-for-cash' reward

PETALING JAYA - Netizens tweeted their displeasure over the reward offered by certain non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to anyone who could slap Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for posting a satirical video on YouTube.

"Teresa Kok" made it to the Twitter local trends list on Friday as netizens said the actions of these NGOs contradicted Islamic teachings and values.

Tweeter @nhafiznhazlan asked: "NGO Jemaah Islam mana yang memalukan sangat bg tawaran duit bagi sesiapa yang lempang Teresa Kok? Tindakan NGO ni bersesuaian dengan Islam ke? (Which shameful Islamic NGO offered money to anyone who slaps Teresa Kok? Are the NGO's actions in accordance with Islamic teachings?)"

Another tweeter @farishakimiazmi posted: "RM500 (S$190) utk sape2 yg tampar teresa kok..pfftt..perjuangkan Melayu ada limit jugak.. jgn smpai membelakangkan agama..Nabi x ajar la. (RM500 for anyone who slaps Teresa Kok. The struggle for Malay rights has its limits. Do not turn our backs on religion, the Prophet never taught us that.)"

User @wnahmadmuhaimin tweeted: "Majlis Jemaah NGO Islam Malaysia tawar RM500 individu yang berjaya menampar Teresa Kok.Islam jenis ape suh tampor org ni??!! (Malaysian Islamic NGO council offers RM500 to individual who slaps Teresa Kok. What type of Islam teaches you to slap people?)"

Since the protest on Thursday, the reward for slapping Kok and capturing it on video has been increased to RM1,200, up from the initial RM500.

Netizens also suggested that Kok's video was a non-issue.

Tweeter @huzaifah felt that the video content was insignificant. "I'm not sure how that Teresa Kok video yang tak menarik tu (which is boring) can be a big threat to government and Malays. Weird."

Tweeter @adriannazhar tweeted: "To be honest I see nothing wrong with the video that Teresa Kok made."

Following the much-debated video, the Malay NGOs concerned also slaughtered four chickens and smeared the blood on a banner bearing pictures of Kok and other opposition leaders.

In the video clip, uploaded to her DAP Seputeh YouTube account on Jan 27, Kok posed as a feng shui talk show host and had "panellists" poke fun at various national issues, including the education system, rising cost of living, public safety and the foreign intrusion into Sabah in February last year.