Netizens: Malaysians are still guilty of victim blaming

PETALING JAYA - In conjunction with International Women's Day, The Star Online reflects upon Malaysia's rape culture and the several misconceptions society regarding rape, where netizens reacted by saying many are still guilty of victim blaming.

Twitter user @roxytweets says that the blame game is still apparent in today's day and age.

"The 'you dressed up sexily, you asked for it' blame game still occurring," she tweeted.

Another user @heyatikah tweeted that victim blaming is not only prevalent, but people are also justifying the rape by caring more for the rapist and ignoring rape as a crime.

Facebook user Mimie Minar believes that victim blaming is ridiculous: "How about if a three-year-old girl was raped? Is it still the girls fault?"

Kevin Rajah agrees by saying that there are all sorts of blaming going on: "There are people who blame the rapist for not controlling their hormones, and there are people who blame the victims for dressing too sexy."

However, because of the victim blaming Miki Wilkins points out that the woman who went through the trauma of being raped won't get any help and support.

"There is no support for the rape victim because our society always ends up blaming the victim instead of the person who raped her," said Wilkins.

William Shaw says that because of this culture of blaming the victim, majority of rape cases goes unreported due to the "outcasting of the victim in Malaysia".

"Rape is an inhuman disgrace," said Shaw.

Twitter user @NabilFarabi agrees that rape victims are often marginalised and ignored.

"People from both sides are busy shifting blames without suggesting solutions," he said.

Whereas, @harliey_nick believes that better education and awareness is important to help curb the mindset of victim blaming.

"I am extremely disappointed with news of parents marrying victim to their rapists to cover it up," he tweeted.

Facebook user Emelyn Lee Way said that the authorities should be strict and fair.

Lee said that rapists shouldn't be acquitted due to "bright futures" and police reports shouldn't be shelved away.

Another user, Cantapus Krishnan, suggests parents to educate their children from a young age: "Rape is rape. Fathers and mothers must teach their sons to behave and have respect for women."

Some netizens also believe that pornographic material is to blame for the ever increasing number of sexual crimes.

Jin Kai-Yan suggests parents to keep an eye on what kind of movies their children are watching and to make sure they're not watching material full of sexual content.

Nick Lee agrees and says that on top of educating their children, parents should also keep track on how their children are spending their time.

On top of being aware of their surroundings, ZQ Wu advises women to be more mindful of who they mix with because most rape cases are committed by somebody the victim knows.

"I suppose girls who frequent night spots are one of the most vulnerable groups. There are all kinds of rape pills at night spots," he said.

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