New book claims MH370 pilot intentionally switched off oxygen supply

New disturbing accusations of the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight claim that the pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah allegedly killed himself, his crew, and his passengers by deliberately switching off the oxygen supply.

MH370 has mysteriously lost contact with ground on Mar 8, leaving the world with no clue about what happened to the plane with 239 passengers and crew on board.

According to Design Trend, a new book titled "Goodnight Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss Of Flight 370", claims to know the "truth" that the pilot of the plane switched off the oxygen supply and shut down all communication links before turning the plane around and landing it on water, so the plane would eventually sink, leaving no debris from the plane.

Noted journalist Geoff Taylor and former Kiwi Airlines CEO Ewan Wilson co-wrote the book.

According to, Wilson and Taylor spent four months researching numerous data points collected from the ongoing media coverage, and using their expertise, concluded that only one scenario explains why the Malaysian plane went down: the pilot of MH370 intentionally choked off the oxygen supply in the cabin and activated the auto-pilot feature.

Wilson allegedly claimed that the pilot was suffering from mental illness, reports

The Daily Mail reports that although oxygen masks would have fallen automatically, the passengers' oxygen supply was limited to 20 minutes. People who were unable to grab a mask would have passed out within a few minutes.

He also stated that Zaharie "survived long enough to execute his master plan, which included making eight different course changes and performing a controlled ditching in the sea, which would explain why no debris have been found."

"There is a fundamental desire to ignore the mental health issue in the aviation industry. Our research indicates there have been five previous incidents of murder/suicide in commercial flights over the last three decades or so, accounting for 422 lives. The sad addition of MH370 would bring that number to 661," Wilson said.

Critics of Wilson and Taylor's suicide theory say the pair's findings are not based on fact, only conjecture.

While the author claims that he came to the ultimate conclusion of what really happened to the missing plane after considering "every conceivable alternative scenario", his book does not provide any evidence to his theory.

It has been more than six months since the Malaysian Airlines went missing. After extensive efforts by multiple countries of finding the plane, nothing conclusive has been found. Family members of people on the plane are still left with many unanswered questions.

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