New six-car light rail vehicle set to hit the track

PETALING JAYA - Prasarana Malaysia Bhd, which is in the process of replacing its current fleet of Rapid KL LRT Ampang Line trains, has finally received its first new six-car light rail vehicle (LRV).

It will undergo internal inspection at the Ampang Line Depot, followed by testing and commissioning procedures.

Prasarana group director for project development Datuk Zohari Sulaiman said this was the first of 50 new LRVs set to replace the current six-car trains.

"As the first trains, there will be type and integration tests along with routine tests," he said.

Zohari said in a statement that after the train set was unloaded, a team would work on re-assembling the six-car set and conduct open case inspections before beginning tests.

He said the next train set was scheduled to arrive next month.

The 50 new trains, costing about RM1billion (S$375.9 million), will gradually replace the existing trains over the next two years.

Of these, 30 are to replace trains serving the LRT Ampang Line, while the rest were procured un­der the LRT Line Extension Project.

"We are hoping to have six new sets of six-car LRVs by the time we commence the first phase of Am­­pang LRT Line Extension Project at the end of October.

"The first phase would involve the opening of four new stations -Awan Besar, Muhibbah, Alam Sutera and BK5," said Zohari.

Under an arrangement with the manufacturer, 35 LRVs will be delivered as complete built units from China. The rest of the 15 will be assembled at the manufactu­rer's plant in Batu Gajah.

The new LRV sets are equipped with universal access features, including six compartments for wheelchairs, and CCTV cameras for additional security measures.

Zohari said the user-friendly coach was developed based on passengers' feedback with several new features added.

"These include the end-destination display in the coaches, with an integrated dynamic route map," he said, adding that the new LRV has a lifespan of 30 years and needs to be refurbished after 15 years.