Nine cops test positive for drugs

KUALA LUMPUR - As many as nine policemen have tested positive for drugs during random urine tests so far this year in the city police's bid to enhance integrity in the force.

The nine, who are in the lower ranks, are still on duty pending official urine tests.

"If they are found to have taken drugs, they can be sacked and also be investigated under the Dangerous Drugs Act," Kuala Lumpur police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa said.

The policemen, he said, were caught by the Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) which conducted spot checks on 1,076 personnel from January to March.

"But this was just an initial check done internally. Their samples will be sent to hospital for tests," he added.

SDCP Tajuddin said the city police had been on an integrity operation to hold errant officers to account for on-duty malpractice.

He said 247 of its members were sent to the marching fields for drills for minor offences like coming late to work and playing truant. Another 94 policemen have also been penalised for bad manners.

"These actions were not to find fault with the policemen but based on complaints in the interest of protecting our credibility. Every time we face the public, we have to portray integrity in our line of work so that we will be held in high regard," he told members of his force during the police contingent's monthly assembly in Jalan Hang Tuah.

Meanwhile, SDCP Tajuddin said the Dang Wangi policeman, who allegedly threatened to rape a young woman and sell the video of it for profit, has been allowed to remain in his position, pending the completion of investigations this week.

He said the officer was not transferred out as there was "no necessity" for it.

On the investigation into 21-year-old Maisara Amira Mohamad Asmadi's claim, he said the Deputy Public Prosecutor had returned investigation papers to police with instructions to obtain more statements from the youth and her father Mohamad Asmadi Mohamad Safari.

Maisara's lawyer Faizal Rahman said police posed new questions to his client, such as who was the first person she told of the rape threat and when she did it.

Maisara was among 23 people arrested following the May 1 anti-Goods and Services Tax rally here. She was remanded for four days and claimed the threat occurred hours before her release.