No groups of children went missing at 'haunted' Villa Nabila: police

A group of youths exploring Villa Nabila, an abandoned bungalow on top of a hill overlooking the Johor Strait.

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA - Tales of the abandoned structure that is Villa Nabila have been trending on social media, with netizens giving their take on the spooky Johorian site.

Rumours surfaced online that a group of 23 children went missing at Villa Nabila, an abandoned bungalow in Danga Bay here, reputed to be among the five most-haunted places in the country.

The rumours were reportedly false, but police said that they had received one report of a 16-year-old boy who went missing on Saturday, purportedly after he was seen entering the villa.

Many netizens shared their stories and urban legends about the haunted house on Twitter.

"According to Urban Legend, if anyone enters the bungalow in even numbers, they will leave the house in an odd number," said Twitter user @Nisah_Keiko.

@tashasaid2 shared;  "Nabila was a little kid, she was killed by her stepmother (some said the maid) who was greedy to possess her former husband’s heirloom."

Even photographers are hesitant to enter the haunted house.

"Based on experience, many photographers don’t dare to visit Villa Nabila because the pictures they’ve snapped would include an uninvited guest," said @trulyas_meen.

@dameenised admits getting the creeps from the stories and pictures of Villa Nabila.

"By looking through the tweets and pictures of the villa are more than enough to frighten me," said @dameenised.

Some sceptics also immerged on social media.

@QillaZnl said that there were so many versions about Villa Nabila, people will not know what to believe.

"The #VillaNabila horror story is totally fiction. It used to be a story for grandmoms to tell their grandchildren. But yes, the villa exist," said @senkaff.

"I reckon #VillaNabila was just an old bungalow behind a highway which is full of dried leaves," said @Officialfesya.

Many Twitter users wished for the safe return of the missing teenager.

US-based travel portal Expedia recently listed Danga Bay as among the five most-haunted places in Malaysia, mainly due to the presence of Villa Nabila.

There are several versions of how the 40-year-old building earned its reputation, including one about murder in a wealthy Caucasian family that once lived there.

Another version tells of how the maid killed the family, including a girl named Nabila, and buried their bodies in the compound.

Yet another tale is that the family was killed by two hit men, hired by a relative because of greed.