No shelter for 'homeless' man

Posed photo of a homeless man.

MALAYSIA - A homeless person in Kuala Lumpur is likely to be better treated at aid centres run by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) compared to the government-managed Anjung Singgah, Harian Metro claimed.

Two of its reporters had gone undercover twice to Anjung Singgah in Jalan Lekiu in Kuala Lumpur as well as to two other community centres in the city to make comparisons.

On both occasions at Anjung Singgah, the reporter was turned away when he asked for food and shelter. In the first incident, a man claiming to be a Rela officer told him the place was closed as it was a Sunday.

The "homeless" man was told to spend the night at a mosque.

On the second visit, the reporter managed to meet the centre's supervisor but he was told there was no available bed for him to spend the night. He was also denied food as the supervisor said the food supplied to the centre was not given to outsiders.

However, another reporter who visited a community centre was allowed into the place.

He was asked to shower and then given a set of clothes and toiletries as well as free food.

At a religious centre run by NGOs, the reporter was taken in and given food. The staff also arranged shelter for him.

When the reporter returned to the centre the next day, the staff also recommended a job at a welfare centre in Batu Arang and handed over RM10 (S$ 3.85)for lunch expenses.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim said the ministry would look into the matter.

She also stressed that homeless people were always welcome to stay in Anjung Singgah.