Obama's massive convoy in Malaysia seems to go on and on

When the US President goes to Malaysia, he doesn't just get his own lane.

He gets the whole road for his seemingly never-ending convoy.

Scores of police cars, police bikes and black-painted vehicles were spotted making their way down a major highway in Malaysia by motorists.

Barack Obama has become the first US president to visit Malaysia since President Lyndon Johnson in 1966.

He arrived on Saturday for a visit aimed at strengthening security ties with Malaysia amid concern over China's territorial ambitions.

He also hoped to convince a sceptical Malaysian government to support his plans for a Pacific trade pact. Mr Obama also met Malaysian Acting Transport Minister Hishammudin Hussein, and offered his support over the MH370 crisis.

On Sunday, Mr Obama paid his respects at Malaysia's National Mausoleum, where several Malaysian politicians including former Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein are buried.

The mausoleum is located in the compound of Malaysia's National Mosque.

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