Offensive Malaysia road name removed from online maps

SHAH ALAM - An offensive road name in Section 32, Shah Alam has been removed from online road maps.

Screenshots of the road name 'Jalan Keling Pundek 1' found on Google Maps and Waze which were circulated on public forums on Wednesday were removed as of noon on Thursday.

The name was given to a nameless road, off Jalan Rezab Buang, that runs between an empty land and a few houses.

MIC Youth leader Sivaraajjh Chandran said he received about 30 messages complaining about the road name in question.

"The road's name does not exist. It is vulgar and ridiculous. In Malaysia, no one would name a road like that."

"On Waze, you are able to make changes to a road name and I think someone has done that,"he said.

He said the public should stop spreading news of the road that does not exist.

"The police should investigate and put a stop it," he said.

Shah Alam City Council corporate communications head Shahrin Ahmad said that roads in Shah Alam are named after flowers, music instruments, fruits, occupations, and rivers.

"In Section 32, road names take after rivers like Jalan Sungai Damansara, Sungai Renggam, and Sungai Rasau." he said.

He said someone could have tampered with online maps to include a new road name in the area.

He said MBSA's site visit to the location confirmed that no road sign was put up with that name.

In an email response, a Google Malaysia spokesman thanked users for highlighting the error.

"We would also like to invite users to submit their feedback in the menu if they spot any other errors. Each report will be reviewed and changes will be updated as soon as possible."