Only Batu Muda in KL records unhealthy API level

Shroud of KL: This picture of the Kuala Lumpur skyline was taken from Cheras at around 3pm yesterday.

PETALING JAYA- Only one area in the Klang Valley recorded an unhealthy Air Pollutant Index (API) reading although the haze was visible in several areas.

Batu Muda in Kuala Lumpur recorded unhealthy reading from 1pm to 4pm, with readings as high as 126 at 3pm.

However at 5pm, the levels dropped to a moderate 96.

All other areas nationwide recorded healthy and moderate levels.

As of 8am yesterday, 40 areas recorded good air quality readings and 12 areas recorded moderate air quality readings.

An API reading between 0 and 50 is considered good; 51 to 100, moderate; 101 to 200, unhealthy; 201 to 300, very unhealthy; and 301 and above, hazardous.

In a statement, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said the satellite images on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Tuesday detected only one hotspot each in Sumatra and Sarawak.

The ministry, however, said the satellite images would not be able to detect the actual number of hotspots due to heavy cloud coverage.

"All the hotspots traced will be investigated and action will be taken accordingly," it said yesterday.

The statement added that from January to Tuesday, 4,365 cases of open burning were detected with that in agricultural land being the highest with 1,433 cases.

"This is followed by 1,001 cases of bushfires, 897 cases in forest areas, 132 cases in construction areas and 34 in industrial areas," said the ministry.

It added that 43 investigation papers were opened and compound notices were sent out to those involved in 299 open burning cases.