Orang asli girl who survived 46 days in jungle healing but silent over ordeal

KOTA BARU - Physically, Miksudiar Aluj is no longer the emaciated girl whose pictures alongside her best friend Noreen Yaakob shocked Malaysians after she miraculously survived 46 days in the jungles of Pos Tohoi.

But no one can really know the extent of the 11-year-old's emotional trauma of being lost in the wild and watching her friends die.

Miksudiar and Noreen, 10, were the only survivors among seven Orang Asli children who ran away from SK Tohoi and went missing on Aug 23.

The seven children were initially believed to have fled into the forest to avoid punishment for swimming in a nearby river without permission.

Miksudiar's uncle Surin Seman, 29, who is with her at Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, said her family had tried to get her to open up but was unsuccessful.

"Besides telling us they ran away from school because they were afraid of being punished, she has said very little about what happened in the jungle.

"She is still traumatised; we can't force her," he said.

Surin said they would ask her again when she had returned home.

He said Miksudiar was eating normally and was supposed to have been discharged last Tuesday.

"But she started getting a fever in the evenings," he added.

Surin said doctors might allow her to go to a hospital in Gua Musang, which is nearer her home in Kampung Gawin, this Sunday.

"She says she misses home and I am trying to get the hospital to let her return to her kampung for a few days before she is admitted at the hospital in Gua Musang," he said.

Surin said he did not know what would happen to Miksudiar after she had completed her treatment.

"What I do know is this - she doesn't want to go back to school," he said.

On Oct 25, the remains of four - Juvina David, seven, Haikal Yaakob, eight, Ika Ayel, nine, and Linda Rosli, eight, were laid to rest.

Sasa Sobrie, eight, remains missing.