Outcry over rape report in university hostel

MALACCA - The alleged robbery and rape of a 22-year-old undergraduate in the hostel of a public university here has riled up the historical city's citizens.

According to the Malacca Action Group for Parents chairman, Mak Chee Kin, the hostel should be a safe place, and the alleged incident made a mockery of the security in the campus.

"It's shocking that such a crime happened at a hostel at the core of the historic city," he said.

In the latest case that allegedly took place on Thursday, an intruder managed to gain entry to the victim's room in the morning.

Brandishing a sharp object, he assaulted her and warned her to keep quiet before raping her. He also stole her belongings before dragging the victim to the bathroom and ordered her to take a bath.

However, once inside the cubicle, she locked the door and started screaming for help, causing the man to flee.

Mak wanted to know what the security officers hired by the university were doing and whether there was any routine patrol at the hostel block where the female students stayed.

Mak said this was the second instance of an alleged robbery-cum-rape in the hostel, with the first case reported sometime in March 2012.

Then, a 19-year-old student from Kuala Lumpur alleged that a dark figure wearing a hood had trespassed into her dormitory before raping here.