Over 50 pupils and teachers affected by mass hysteria in Kota Baru school

KOTA BARU: An incidence of mass hysteria has allegedly broken out at a secondary school here, with more than 50 female students and even a few teachers affected by it.

A check at the school on Wednesday showed that most of its students were not in their classes and freely mingling with each other on its grounds.

Some said they have been unable to attend classes since their schoolmates were struck by hysteria last Monday.

"It is like this every day, even female teachers were affected by hysteria and we are unable to study," said a Form Three student.

Another Form Five student said he was contemplating not going to school the next day.

"I think it is better to close the school until they find a solution," he said.

Some students have claimed to have seen all sorts of beings in the school, from a pontianak to a pochong.

It is believed that the state education department sent several Ustaz to the school to recite Al-Quran verses and conduct sembahyang hajat (prayers) among pupils and staff.

Teachers and other school staff have declined to comment on the matter.

State education department deputy director Jaafar Ismail, when contacted, said the situation was a school internal matter.

Update: The school has decided to cancel classes on Thursday.

A pupil said they were told not to come to school while staff attempted to resolve the situation. The school will remain closed for at least three days until Sunday.

"We are not sure if we can go back to school this Sunday," said a Form Five pupil.

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