Parents puzzled over son's fiery death in room

Forensic officers from the Fire Department inspecting Rosli’s room at Kampung Lubuk Perah.

MARANG, Malaysia - The case of a 41-year-old man who was burnt to death in his room has raised questions of possible "foul play".

Rosli Omar's parents do not know how their son's room caught fire or why his feet were tied up.

They lived with him at Kampung Lubuk Perah, Wakaf Tapai here and were shocked when they saw Rosli's room on fire at 11.30pm on Tues­day.

"We did not hear any screams for help coming out from the locked room. We tried to put out the fire with the help of neighbours.

"By the time firemen arrived and extinguished the fire, we were told that our son was already dead," said Rohani Mohamad, 59.

She said her son had dinner with them before retiring to his room at 10.30pm.

Rosli's room is located at the back and is detached from the main house, so the fire only affected the room.

Wakaf Tapai Fire and Rescue Department chief Nor Khairee Abd Rahman said his officers had to break into the room.

"The victim's body was already 50 per cent burnt and his feet were bound with rope," he said.

Nor Khairee added that the fire was put out in five minutes and the cause was under investigation.