Parents upset after tuition centre banner shames their children


SUNGAI LONG, Malaysia - A tuition centre here will not leave three families alone after their children left the centre, posting banners with photos of their children around Sungai Long and Cheras.

One parent, 39-year old Vinne Chin said that although she settled the tuition fees after her son left, the centre's management claimed she did not settle her May payment.

"I paid his fees on May 12. Suddenly in July, they called and said I did not pay. I was shocked and they resorted to humiliating my son by posting a banner in his school," said the distraught Chin when contacted by The Star.

She said her son did poorly in his exams and she though he would not improve there.

"May was his last month. He was there for only five months.

Chin said she received a warning on Sept 12 in a text message in Mandarin stating that if she does not pay her tuition fees immediately, they will take drastic measures.

"I saw a banner of the four kids including my son at SRJK(C) Sin Ming, Semenyih on Oct 3. We took it down immediately," said Chin.

The banner that was captioned in Mandarin read; ""Owe Tuition Fees but refuse to pay up! Do they deserve such parents?!"

At a meeting with the parents on Tuesday morning, Balakong assemblyman Eddie Ng said that he told the parents very clearly that he felt the situation was unfair for the children.

"I am trying to be diplomatic in this situation. I have spoken to the parents and I feel pity for their kids," said Ng.

Ng said the daughter of one of the parents did not want to go to school because she is afraid that her friends would humiliate her because of the banner.

He however added that he was not against any party in the dispute, adding that if the centre does not respond in the next few days, police action would be taken.

"I also hope that the parents do not take advantage of the situation because I am helping them with the issue of the banner," added Ng.

He also said that if the parents have not paid their dues, they should make arrangements with the tuition centre to settle their dues quickly.

On Sunday, Chinese dailies reported that several banners were spotted around Sungai Long and Cheras on Friday evening.

Many netizens have since slammed the centre's move, posting photos of the banners while saying that it was unethical of the centre to act like a loan shark.

"This will surely have an impact on the pupils. They will carry this shame as long as their friends can remember," commented Syaza Syaz on Facebook.

Facebook user Lennon Low shared his experience during his time in Ipoh

Low said three tuition centres there opted to provide him with free tuition after his father passed away.

"Sometimes unforeseen financial difficulties are not the students' fault. You can stop them from going to your tuition centre but you cannot put the students in disgrace by shaming them." he said.

Shanti Gurunathan lambasted the tuition centre by commenting that they have 'nothing to teach'.

"The children cannot be humiliated for the mistakes of the parents. What happened to the art of conversation?" questioned Shanti.