PAS Youth sceptical over Anwar’s ‘friendly overtures’ to Barisan Nasional

PETALING JAYA - PAS Youth has slammed Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over the Opposition Leader's "friendly overtures" to Barisan Nasional.

The wing's vice-chief Dr Raja Ahmad Al-Hiss said Anwar should not make such a unilateral attempt to have talks with the Barisan government. He said the PKR advisor should not act without the Pakatan Rakyat presidential council's consent.

"We are suspicious as to why Anwar is overly-eager to hold talks with our political foe," said Dr Raja Ahmad.

"Several years ago, Anwar had strongly chided PAS president (Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang) and other party leaders for proposing to hold talks with the Barisan government on issues of national interest," he pointed out.

Dr Raja Ahmad was responding to Anwar's National Day message in which the Opposition Leader had said that Pakatan was ready to set aside differences with the Barisan purportedly for the sake of the future and well-being of the country.

Despite his earlier objections to the outcome of the 13th general election, Anwar had suggested that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak initiate roundtable discussions among Barisan and Pakatan leaders to find solutions to various issues facing Malaysians.

Umno and the DAP were the big winners in GE13, gaining more seats in the May 5 polls than in 2008.

PKR and PAS, allies of the DAP in the Pakatan fold, won fewer seats in the recent elections than in 2008.

Dr Raja Ahmad claimed that many PAS members were suspicious of Anwar's sudden change of heart, as he had always taken a confrontational stance against the Barisan.

"We are worried he (Anwar) may be caught in a political trap," he said.