Penang hotels' heartfelt sign of support

A heart icon seen on the facade of the hotel in Bukit Jambul.
PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

Several hotels in George Town, Penang, are showing their support for frontliners battling the Covid-19 pandemic by lighting up heart symbols on their facades.

At one hotel in Bukit Jambul, different heart-shaped and house-shaped icons have been put up.

"In the beginning, we displayed an icon resembling a heart," said a spokesperson when contacted.

"Then we changed to the shape of a home within a heart.

"This is to encourage everyone to stay home.

"The move was also to support our hardworking frontliners who have sacrificed their time to help curb the outbreak," she added.

She added that the initiative would last until the MCO ends.

Heart symbols shining brightly as a sign of solidarity at hotels in Macalister Road.

"This is what we can do for now as our frontliners continue their hard work."

Meanwhile, a hotel in Macalister Road has been displaying a heart icon throughout the MCO period.

Its spokesperson said that the icon would be maintained to cheer on all the hardworking frontliners helping Covid-19 patients.

In Batu Ferringhi, a hotel by the beach also had a heart symbol lit up on the facade for the same reason.