Penang kindergarten teacher ties toddler up for nap

Major Chinese dailies reported that a kindergarten teacher in Penang was alleged to have tied a boy's hands and taped his mouth in order to make him take his nap.

The boy's mother, Mui Sok Yeng, 36, from Sungai Ara, claimed that her three-year-old son would sometimes make gestures of his hands being tied or mouth being taped whenever she told him to sleep or when he misbehaved.

She said her son then told her that a teacher did exactly those things before telling him to take a nap.

Mui then discovered that the teacher tied her son's hands with a bolster case, and taped his mouth with cellophane tape.

When confronted, the person in charge of the kindergarten said the teacher was new, and could have been in "a bad mood".

"I urge parents to be more careful when choosing a kindergarten or nursery," added Mui.