Penang NS camp has 1 week to clean up

PETALING JAYA - The White Resort national service camp in Penang has seven days to improve its conditions or face action.

"We have warned them and they have one week to address all the issues or action will be taken based on the contract (they signed)," NS Training Department acting director-general Rozainor Ramli said yesterday.

He declined to say if the camp would be shut down if it failed to comply though the department had closed such facilities before.

The Star reported yesterday that some of the 200 trainees at the camp in Balik Pulau wanted to pull out due to deplorable conditions including poor hygiene, insufficient food and broken toilet locks.

Trainees at the camp also said that they had to sleep on broken beds with filthy pillows and be subjected to unsanitary conditions.

One trainee claimed to have found maggots in her food.

The litany of complaints also included clogged sinks and toilets.

"I want to assure parents that we will not compromise on the safety and health of trainees," Rozainor said, adding that he had met with the trainees and listened to their grouses.

The last time that the White Resort facility was inspected was in July.

"Recommendations for improvements were made then," he said, adding that some amenities were "worn out".

The trainees at the camp will complete their stint on Oct 31.

Their outcry prompted Pulau Betong assemblyman Farid Saad to give his take: "After seeing the conditions in the camp myself, I understand why the trainees are dissatisfied."