Penang python may be world's longest snake ever captured

PHOTO: Reuters

A MASSIVE python found in Penang could be the longest snake ever caught, pending verification by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The python - which is believed to be at least 7.5m long, with some reports saying it measures 8m - was discovered lying under a tree by construction workers near their work site in Paya Terubong on Thursday evening.

They called the civil defence, which sent officers to capture it.

The reticulated python will be handed over to the state's Wildlife Department.

The Star newspaper said the reptile is 7.5m long and weighs 250kg.

"It is the largest and longest python caught by the department in Penang so far," south-west district civil defence team operations chief Herme Herisyam told The Star.

He added that they took more than 30 minutes to capture the snake.

The current record holder is Medusa, also a reticulated python. She was measured at 7.67m in 2011 and reportedly weighed 158.8kg.

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