Pet cat attack lands housewife in hospital

A file photo of two Siamese cats.

A pet cat turned wild and attacked its owner, causing the housewife to bleed profusely from its bites and scratches. She was eventually hospitalised for bacterial infection, Metro Ahad reported.

Speaking from her hospital bed on Saturday, Rusita Ahmad, 50, said her white Siamese cat, named Putih, had escaped from its enclosure at her home in Taman Setia and she had gone looking for it at around 5pm on April 14.

She found that the cat had strayed about 6m from the house and quickly dropped a laundry basket over it when it reacted furiously.

"At the house, I held it by the neck to put it back in the cage but it became aggressive and bit my right hand and repeatedly clawed at my arm.

"I freed my wrist from its jaws after struggling with it for about three minutes, with a lot of blood oozing from my wounds," added Rusita, who said the six-year-old cat was never seen mixing with other cats in the neighbourhood and raised by her since it was a kitten.

She said her daughter Nurhafifi Mohd Zaki, 23, a nurse, was once scratched by Putih and she did not want to take a chance dealing with the cat again.

Nurhafifi, however, helped her mother clean and dress the wound but, two days later, rushed her to a clinic.

When her bacterial infection worsened, she was transferred to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital.

Meanwhile, Putih has fled from the family house.